Complex cross platform collaboration


Office 365 gives us a tremendous tool for collaboration. An organization can share inside organization, and share with external users to their own organization.

But there are some hurdles in doing so. I therefore have created a series of articles covering the aspect of collaboration in such an environment.

  1. Skype or no Skype, first step in any Collaboration often is to share your screen, talk together, one part explaining problems and other party trying to solve issues. However, if you only manage to call… phone… Collaboration is limited.
  2. Collaboration in place, the next hurdle, is the user account to use. An organisational/tenant account with or without licenses, users own email registered with Microsoft: Microsoft account. In total 3 alternatives, each having its pro and cons.
  3. Team room linked to a group, or a classic team site or similar.. This is to a large extend dependent on what you choose in #2.

And What you choose.. Should be based on the competence and needs of the users, and the organisation..